Have you ever wondered how someone else other than yourself might view the world around us? How does one experience that is lived by two people affect one so drastically and then seem to have little or no impact on the next?

perpsective tree

Stop for a minute and look at a tree. Inside this seemingly simple living thing there are actually millions of perspectives. Looking from below the branches you can see up the main stem of the tree that grows from the trunk. It is possible there could be a squirrel or a bird visible form here. You might see bugs or that the tree has a disease, if you knew what you were looking for. You likely can't see the top of the tree though, for this you will need to reposition.

Stand 10 feet from the tree and walk around it 360 degrees. After that rise up one foot higher and stay 10 feet away and go around the tree 360 degrees again. You have now seen the tree from 720 angels and you have not even scratched the surface. It is possible to see new things and discover new information about the tree from each angel and yet the angles are limitless. What about a forest full of trees? each looked at in the same manner. One person could not see and understand every angle in their lifetime.

When someone is struggling with addiction their perspective can become narrowed. They will need a team to help them discover new angles and perspectives. Brighton recovery center provides a large team of highly trained and loving professionals to provide the proper perspective presented in the correct way to succeed in overcoming addiction.

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