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Patrick Rezac and Kamrin Carver – Recovery Soapbox Episode 6

In this episode, Kamrin Carver and Patrick Rezac of One Voice Recovery team up to discuss taboo topics surrounding addiction and alternative paths to recovery.

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People can leave treatment and feel confident in themselves, knowing that they don’t have to pigeonhole themselves to one philosophy or program. Patrick

Recovery is a state of wellness that is better than the state you were in before. Patrick

Many people get so caught up in their sobriety date, that they have a black and white mentality and think that it’s all or nothing. We need to realize that this is part of the journey and that your recovery date never changes. Kamrin

I had to stop focusing on the amount of clean time I have, and begin focusing on the quality of days that I have. Patrick

Music for the podcast was provide by Michael Kelsey

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