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Brighton Recovery Center understands that your recovery is everything. If you don’t have your recovery, you have little else. We are committed to staying connected with you throughout your journey- before treatment, during treatment, and after treatment. We know that people who stay connected to the recovery community have a much higher rate of success than those who do not. Your recovery starts with you and your decision to come to treatment. Your recovery is everything at Brighton Recovery Center.

Taking the First Step

The process is simple. You contact us via phone at 1.844.479.7035 or email at

We take your insurance information and have our experts look in to what your benefits cover and promptly get back to you with a determination of how you should go about coming to us.

We will usually recommend an episode in a safe detoxification environment to ensure that you are well taken care of before coming to the center. Don’t worry you won’t be alone.

We will be there every step of the way to make sure you have what you need and that you are well aware of what is going on. We will then facilitate your transportation from detox to our center.

Brighton Recovery

Treatment Coverage

What treatment will cost you is dependent on a multitude of factors. When you contact us, you will work with a member of our highly trained admissions team to determine the cost based on your individual needs. We will work with you to determine what the best fit is for you and your family. Different ways that people typically pay for treatment are as follows:

Insurance Coverage

We can work with most insurance providers. The majority of our patients pay for treatment with their insurance benefits. Insurance can be tricky to navigate but don’t worry, we have experts on staff that can take your insurance information and help you determine what is and what is not covered at no cost to you.

We are focused on finding you help even if we are not able to work with your insurance coverage or financial capabilities. We will work hard to get you to treatment that does.

Private Pay

Some people choose a private pay option for treatment, meaning that they use their own resources to pay for treatment. Sometimes families and friends pool together resources to get their loved one to treatment. We view treatment as a service and an investment.

People that feel comfortable paying for treatment out of pocket are investing in a future for themselves and their families with the idea in mind that not investing in their future now will end up costing a lot more (and more than money!) in the long term.

Rehab Comparison Form

Addiction Treatment Shopping Tool

When looking for an addiction treatment facility or rehab, you should take the time to call each of the rehabs on your list. Even from one call, you will get a sense for the facilities general level of care and dedication.

However, knowing what to ask is one of the biggest obstacles people face when shopping for treatment. To help you with your vetting process, we have provided questions for you. Even if you don’t choose Brighton Recovery Center, we want you to get the highest quality care and asking these questions will help you find that.

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Brighton Recovery Center is truly amazing! I came to BRC enraged and miserable. I am leaving healthy, happy, and hopeful. The Therapists are very professional, and they absolutely know what they are doing. Everyone here at BRC has kind and helpful. The environment is beautiful and calming. I will recommend BRC to everyone!

Suzanne M.

I was intensely hesitant and scared to enter inpatient treatment for my first time. Those concerns melted away immediately when I got to Brighton. The environment is so warm and welcoming from the moment you step in the front door. The staff is exceptional and they take wonderful care of you during your stay here and really want you to succeed in recovery.

Alex S.

Brighton Recovery saved my life. I had tried to quit many times before on my own as well as other treatment programs but Brighton helped me to see the reasons I drink. They helped me deal with and process those things while teaching me skills to deal with my emotions in the future. I love my life today. I love feeling good physically and emotionally. I did what they told me to; residential followed by, P.H.P. and I.O.P. and it worked! I am living my best sober life today.

Natalie M.
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Our mission at Brighton Recovery Center is to provide the best physical, emotional, and spiritual care for our patients and their families.