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Brighton Alumni Program – Ep. #22

Morgan is a recent alumni of Brighton Recovery Center and Clay is the director of Brighton’s alumni program. What does an alumni program look like in recovery and why is it important? The program made a big difference for Morgan’s recovery, so we decided to ask her for these answers.

Graduates of Brighton Recovery Center’s program are brought together for free aftercare and social activities. Alumni meet together often for softball, hockey games, BBQ’s, backpacking, and much more. Alumni have found great benefits in these activities as they strengthen and support each other in recovery.

Quotes from this episode:

“Now I get to experience life, where as before, it was like walking around in this shell trying to fill the emptiness with whatever I could.” – Clay
“Accept that you are not always right and it’s nobody else’s fault. Take responsibility.” – Morgan
“Take suggestions from others who have been there, because you obviously don’t know what you’re doing. They want the best for you.” – Morgan

If you are a Brighton alumni, but have not taken full advantage of this program, join our Brighton Alumni Facebook page.

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