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The Essential Treatment and Intervention Act (HB 286) – Recovery Soapbox Episode 7

LaVar Christensen of Utah’s House of Representatives and Dennis Cecchini, a parent advocate, speak with Kamrin Carver about Utah House Bill 286. This bill allows the relatives of addicts to admit their loved ones for addiction treatment.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:
Brighton Recovery Center.
(844) 479-7035

DSAMH, (Utah Div. of Substance Abuse and Mental Health)
(801) 538-3939

Utah Dept. of Health
(888) 222-2542 or (801) 538-6003

USARA, (Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Services)
(801) 210-0320

Utah House Bill 286 2017

Representative LaVar Christensen
(801) 572-9878

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We had a huge public gathering up at the capitol and it was packed with people, but there was one sign that a young person was holding up and it said “Families Heal Together”, and I just thought that said it all.  – LaVar Christensen

You have individuals here that you are helping through the process of recovery that are married, a mother of five, a father of three. Marriages are being healed and saved, families are being healed and saved. Little children are getting their moms and dads back home.  – LaVar Christensen

The things that my wife and I did during those two years that we knew our son had an addiction will haunt us forever. Not knowing how to handle this disease, not knowing how to handle the suffering that a person is having, causes you to make a lot of mistakes. That’s why the intervention part of this act is so important and why it’s part of the title. The earlier that a relative can help someone with addiction, the better off they are. -Dennis Checchini

Music for the podcast was provided by Michael Kelsey

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