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excellence in treatment award 2022 brighton recovery center

Excellence in Treatment Award - 2022

Brighton Recovery Center, a leading rehabilitation center in Utah, has recently been awarded the prestigious Excellence in Treatment Award. This award is given annually to rehabs with the highest post-treatment success rates, as determined by an independent panel of judges.

The Excellence in Treatment Award recognizes the outstanding efforts of rehab centers to help individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. Brighton Recovery Center has been providing high-quality addiction treatment services for many years and offers a range of evidence-based treatment programs, including individual and group therapy, family therapy, and behavioral and holistic therapies. The center focuses on co-occurring mental health disorders and offers a sober-living community, which increases a client’s chances of long-term recovery.

The award recognizes the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the entire team at Brighton Recovery Center, from the staff and clinical team to the administration and support staff. They have all played a crucial role in helping the center achieve the high post-treatment success rates that led to its recognition with this award.

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