Expressive Arts and Recovery

Expressive Art for Addiction
At Brighton Recovery Center, we are proud to offer Expressive Arts as an experiential route to recovery. We believe that creating a work of art is the most effective way to not only open gateways to the inner self, but also allow each and every patient to freely express themselves in a safe and friendly environment.

Each class is designed to provide a creative environment that helps stimulate creativity, find a passion for art, and most importantly allows the individual a safe haven open themselves up to strong feelings without ever having to say a word.

Margret Naumburg, an educator and therapist, was one of the first to define art therapy as a distinct form of psychotherapy and she is often referred to as the founder of art therapy. Naumburg was actually one of the first people to experience psychoanalysis in the U.S., and she believed in the importance of uncovering the unconscious. In her practice, she had her clients draw their dreams in addition to talking about them.

“Art therapy asks you to explore your inner experience—your feelings, perceptions and imagination. While art therapy may involve learning skills or art techniques, the emphasis is generally first on developing and expressing images that come from inside the person, rather than those he or she sees in the outside world.” – Dr. Cathy Malchiodi

The Expressive Arts class at Brighton has expanded on the practice of Naumburg. Weekly we invite patients to engage in artistic expressions representing their inner struggles, hopes, fears, and motivations associated with their recovery.

Art is a great way for an individual to face and work through experiences, emotions, and issues that may have led to or even worsened their addiction. The Expressive Arts class offers a safe environment to communicate these ideas and feelings without using standard conversational methods. It is a refreshing and eye opening experience that can only be found through creation.  Fell free to contact us for more information on Brighton Recovery Center’s Residential Addiction Treatment Program.

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