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Ken Seeley & Michael Gonzales – Episode 18, part 1

Ken Seeley and Michael Gonzales from the A&E show Intervention share their expertise on a range of topics. Watch from our studio cameras or tune into the podcast as we discuss Ken and Michael’s stories, as well as suicide, incarceration, the war on drugs, ethics of the industry, meditation, and so much more.

“There are certainly things I’ve done in my lifetime that I regret, but it’s because of recovery that I regret them now. I have a conscience now; I have feelings now.” – Michael Gonzales

“Addicts and alcoholics aren’t bad people, we’re just sick people and with treatment we can get healthy.” – Ken Seeley

“I walked into my jail cell… and on my cot there’s was an AA book. Right then I had a spiritual awakening and at that moment I was okay… I knew from that point on that I was done.” – Michael Gonzales

“I don’t know anyone that ever got into recovery because they just got married…[or] they had a wonderful day, got a raise at work, so they check into treatment. It’s the pain, and the deeper the pain is for us emotionally, the quicker we get into recovery.” – Ken Seeley

Ken Seeley:

Ken Seeley started performing interventions in 1999 and began starring on the A&E hit show Intervention in 2004. He is also the author of “Face It and Fix It”Before he was helping others, Ken battled his own addiction to crystal meth along with sex and love addiction. In this episode, Ken Seeley speaks about his early years as an addict and about his struggles even after many years of sobriety. Ken also shares what he continues to do to stay strong in recovery, including meditation, which has been a key factor in his sobriety.

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Michael Gonzales:

Michael Gonzales grew up in poverty and with a troubled home life. His lack of connection with his own family caused him to find a new family in gangs. He spent many years behind bars and five straight years in solitary confinement. During Michael’s last stay in prison, he experienced a spiritual awakening which allowed him to work the steps and find recovery. Now sober since 2008, he founded Recovery First Interventions and is also starring on the A&E show Intervention.

Stay tuned for part two of this interview.

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