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Brighton Recovery Center - Salt Lake City

Brighton House is a new 14-bed addiction and mental health treatment center in Salt Lake City.

Brighton House uses a phased approach to care where the clients progress through the addiction treatment programs at a pace best suited for their individual needs and clinical milestones. Our clinical team considers the clients’ physical well-being, mental health, family history, substances used, the likelihood of relapse, and many other factors to tailor individualized treatment.

Our holistic and well-rounded classes improve mental and physical health while decreasing the chances of relapse. Brighton’s structured setting focuses on maintaining a safe, healthy, and creative environment for optimal healing and recovery.

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Brighton Recovery Center

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What Types of Therapy Do We Use at Brighton Recovery Center?

Leading Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Mental Health Services.

Brighton House offers residential treatment tailored for those who have decided that they are ready to address addiction and mental health issues head-on. Brighton House focuses on long-term sobriety from drugs or alcohol while addressing underlying mental health issues contributing to the addiction. The program includes evidence-based treatment along with relapse prevention strategies.

We work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs.
At Brighton House, we help people live healthier and happier lives. We specialize in treating addiction, trauma, PTSD, grief, and mental health issues.