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Ken Seeley & Michael Gonzales – Episode 18, Part 2

In Part 2 of Episode 18 we pick up where we left off in Part 1, with Ken Seeley and Michael Gonzales. Topics in this episode include trauma, depression, food addiction, the success rate of rehabs, and improving accountability. Ken Seeley and Michael Gonzales also dive deep into the unethical practices of many rehabs and what the Independent Coalition of Treatment Providers (ICOTP) can do about it by conducting ethical audits on rehabs.

“We want to see the change [in this industry], because people are dying!” – Michael Gonzales
“I wanted to die. I was depressed… I was just blank and I had 8 years sober. I was depressed even though my life was great and it was because of the unaddressed trauma. I had to get help and work through the trauma.” – Michael Gonzales
“The intervention is really on the family system… and my job is to educate the family.” – Ken Seeley
“Humana did a study where they gave case managers to high risk people and within one year they saved 800 million dollars.” – Ken Seeley
“When you are doing the right thing, you can tell. I’m sure there are rehabs you go into and know immediately that they are in it for the money.” – Josh Hall
“The [online] flak that we are getting for doing something good is insane. The people giving us flak are the ones running unethical operations. It’s so much easier to participate in life above board.” – Michael Gonzales


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The ICOTP is creating positive change for the substance abuse industry by bringing transparency to the business practices and measurable outcomes of rehab facilities. If you are looking for treatment for yourself or a loved one, we highly encourage you to make sure the rehab bears the ICOTP gold seal of approval.

Michael Gonzales
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