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Recovery Day 2019 – Recovery Soapbox Ep. #26

The first time we took our cameras to Recovery Day, a wonderful, free event for all ages, we knew we’d keep coming back! In this episode, you’ll hear stories of triumph and hope from people ranging with just a few months of sobriety all the way up to 30 years. Their messages are inspiring and definitely worth a listen. This year at Recovery Day, things started off with the 5K Run for Recovery, followed by speakers, music, awards, activities, and lots of community support. It was held on Saturday, September 14 at the Gallivan Plaza in Salt Lake City. Watch for next year’s date and be sure to get it on your calendar! If you like the stories shared in this episode, please check out our coverage from National Recovery Day

We knew it would be difficult to record at a large and noisy event, but we hope you can get past the background noise, because the messages are too good not to share.

Quotes from Recovery Day:

“Faith is hope with a track record. I kept hoping I’d stay sober. I kept hoping I’d get over the next hurdle. Now I know I will and I don’t have to do it alone.” – Jodie

“Hand-in-hand, we end up going through life together.” – Jodie

“Be gentle with yourself. Recovery does not occur overnight and even with 30 years of sobriety, I still don’t have it all figured out.” – Sharon

“The excitement of recovery is finding out what I can do to connect with myself today.” – Allie

“Recovery is never-ending growth.” – Allie


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