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Ian Acker with Fit To Recover – Recovery Soapbox Episode 2

This is Recovery Soapbox, the podcast about all things related to the recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Today were honored to have Ian Acker, recovering addict and founder of Fit To Recover. Fit to Recover is a gym and community center that helps addicts get clean through exercise. This podcast is brought to you by Brighton Recovery Center.

Music for the podcast was provide by Michael Kelsey

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This episode contains some strong language.

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I think it’s important right now for me to really think about what’s happening because, five years ago, this is all either of us really wanted. We would talk about our grandiose ideas. I’m going to build a gym and you’re going to help people. I’m going to get my life back and do X,Y, and Z. It’s really cool to see it come together. Here we are at FTR, you’re interviewing me and we are doing good things to help the community.Ian Acker

I work with a lot of people and it’s not getting any better out there. And that’s another thing that I do; I learn from other people. I listen when other people tell me (they used). I say, “So how was it? How was that drink? How was that drug? After being sober for some time?” I get the same answer every single time. “It was miserable”.Ian Acker


Recovery Soapbox - Ian Acker

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