Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Sandy, UT

While marijuana has long been viewed as a harmless drug and in fact has been decriminalized in many areas, users continue to become addicted to it, resulting in profound unhappiness. They may suffer a number of serious setbacks in their lives as a result of their addiction. The addiction treatment specialists at Brighton Recovery Center can help.

How Does Marijuana Affect Physical and Emotional Health?

Smoking or eating marijuana has the effect of temporarily altering brain function, affecting concentration, coordination and the perception of time. Users describe the “high” as pleasurable and they report feeling relaxed.

At our drug rehabilitation center in Sandy, we investigate all patients for underlying mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. After all, less than 10% of marijuana users become addicted. Oftentimes we discover the reason for marijuana addiction can be traced back to severe anxiety that prevents a patient from eating, sleeping and thinking clearly. Once this issue is treated with the proper medication and therapy, their compulsion to use marijuana is often greatly reduced if not eliminated.

Those who do not seek help and indulge in heavy marijuana use may suffer long-term effects which can include lung and heart disease, memory problems, behavioral issues and even cancer.

How Do You Know if You Are Addicted to Marijuana?

As with any addiction, there is usually an “aha!” moment that leads users to call a helpline. But it is not well defined, and it may be different for everyone. That is why at our addiction recovery center, we tailor treatment plans to each individual patient. The drug may be the same, but little else about users’ addiction usually is.

Some guidelines that point to marijuana addiction include the inability to stop smoking, repeatedly smoking more than you intended to, and being unable to fulfill work, school or social responsibilities because you’re high. If you have operated a vehicle while high or had arguments with loved ones over your usage, these are also signs of addiction.

Find Hope at Our Addiction Recovery Center in Sandy

At our addiction treatment center, we believe that the path to recovery and wellness is paved with compassion, support and hope — not shame. Patients often feel lost, alone, helpless and sad when they arrive. They have either shamed themselves or been shamed by others. It is our job to turn that shame around and make our patients feel strong, confident and competent.

One way we do that is by literally making patients stronger though good nutrition, exercise and mindfulness practice. Patients also participate in several therapy sessions per week to help uncover their underlying issues and deepen their understanding of the origins of their addiction.

Seeking help for marijuana addiction takes courage. Take that first step today and call our drug treatment center in Sandy.

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