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Similar to heroin and cocaine, methamphetamines impart a feeling of happiness and well-being to the user. One important difference with meth is the effects last much longer than with the other drugs — eight to 24 hours. Methamphetamine is appealing to those suffering from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses because it temporarily relieves them of their feelings of fear and worry. At our methamphetamine recovery program in Utah, we help struggling meth users beat their addiction to this dangerous drug.

What Are the Medical & Emotional Effects of Meth Addiction?

Although there are many dangerous side effects to using meth, including heart problems and changes to the brain, the most well-known — and easiest to spot — is “meth mouth.” Meth destroys teeth and gums, leaving users with decaying, discolored or missing teeth.

While it’s possible to eventually replace teeth, it’s harder to regain reliable brain function. One of the rewards of methamphetamine rehab has always been a return to health and wellness. But with rehab from meth, some symptoms can continue long after users stop using. These issues include trouble focusing, concentrating, remembers and controlling impulses. Problems in these areas can lead to difficulty holding a job, going to school and maintaining relationships.

Are You Addicted to Meth?

Methamphetamine is a drug that most users gradually build a tolerance to. The tolerance can become so high that the user may eventually get hardly any benefit from the drug. If you have found yourself spending a great deal of time procuring and using meth, yet your anxiety continues to rise because it is not having the expected effect, you likely already have a problem.

You may have only used meth recreationally when you first started, but if it has become a daily habit, making it hard to fulfill your obligations at work, school and with your friends and family, you are likely losing your battle with meth. We implore you to seek help before you lose your income, your relationships or even your life.

Drug Rehabilitation Center in Utah

Most of our patients’ stays start out with detox. With meth addicts, this process is predictably difficult. Withdrawal from meth addiction can include hallucinations, delusions and symptoms of paranoia.

Our philosophy here at our drug rehab center in Utah is that we help patients recover through compassion and determination, not shame. Our addiction experts help you learn techniques for building strength, resilience and coping skills.

While our philosophy remains constant, we create individual recovery plans for each patient. There are similarities among those with substance use disorder, but ultimately everyone is different, and they use for different reasons. Success comes from tailoring treatment plans.

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