What to Look for in a Residential Treatment Center

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If you or a loved one needs treatment for substance abuse and truly has the desire to live a product life, there are many benefits to choosing a residential treatment center for help. As many navigate the new waters of substance abuse treatment, they find themselves unsure of where to start looking for the perfect place to help their loved one. We have a few tips and things you should watch for when looking at residential treatment centers.

Licensure and Accreditation

You can trust that a residential treatment center has subjected themselves to intense scrutiny if they are accredited and licensed by the state. This means that many problems have been weeded out or were anticipated from the beginning. Those with licensing and accreditation typically have stricter standards for documentation, evidence-based care, medication handling and storage and other important pieces of the residential care puzzle.

Credentialed Staff

The staff at a residential treatment center plays a key part in the success or failure of recovery. Those with inpatient experience know how to handle complex situations and hostile moments in both individual and group therapy. Those with credentials or experience may also notice changes in the addict that require more intense observation.

Access to Emergency Care Facilities

Unfortunately, during addiction treatment, addicts may harm themselves or accidents may happen. If these situations arise, you want the facility to have a positive working relationship with local urgent care facilities and hospitals. This allows addicts who are in crisis to move to a more intense level of care without disrupting the entire center.

Outpatient Services

Once the addict is finished with residential treatment, it’s important to transfer back to real life slowly and with the appropriate help. Look for a residential treatment center that also offers outpatient services to help your loved one make a smooth transition back into their lives without relapse.

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