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Women in Recovery 2 – Recovery Soapbox Episode 5

In this episode, Mary Jo McMillen of USARA, along with Alisa Wood and Lacey Garcia of Brighton Recovery Center, talk about the Utah recovery community, how to get involved, and important upcoming events. Each of these amazing women have been through substance abuse treatment, have varying years in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, work in the field of recovery, and are all a rich source of experience and knowledge.

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Music for the podcast was provide by Michael Kelsey

utah rehab center women in recovery

I started to relate to the similarities of people in AA and to their hope, and wanting of a better life. Lacey Garcia

I was at 90 days in recovery when the man that I had dated for 3 ½ years died from a cocaine related incident. At that moment I had my first real epiphany… I was one of those people that remained sober from my initial treatment, mostly because of the tragedy. Mary Jo McMillen

The illness of addiction is so severe. We are seeing this now in our state of Utah, in our community, and in our nation. People are suffering horribly, especially with opiate addiction. Mary Jo McMillen

If I would have only imagined how my life would have been, compared to what I have today, I would’ve sold myself short. Shawn McMillen

It is an epidemic, whether it is alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine, heroin, or any other illicit drug, there is no difference. It has the same effect on the brain, and we have got to have these conversations Mary Jo McMillen

I love living here in Utah. Utah and it’s people are just incredible. The recovery community is really thriving in Utah and the more visible we are, the more people we can help. Mary Jo McMillen

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