Recovery Soapbox
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Recovery Soapbox – Episode 3 | Women in Recovery

Alisa, Lacey, and Rachel, three women in recovery, talk about the struggles, heartache, hope, and success surrounding their fight against drug and alcohol addiction.

Music for the podcast was provide by Michael Kelsey

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This episode contains some strong language.

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We don’t have to suffer through recovery, we don’t have to suffer through sobriety, but does it hurt like hell sometimes? Absofreakinlutely!Alisa

Things happen in your life that can be some of the hardest struggles, but guess what? That’s okay. You can make it through and you can make it through soberiety.Rachel

There was a moment between about 4 a.m. and sunrise when you have been up all night and the birds are starting to chirp, the world has started going, and people are jogging. That to me was the worst. I wanted to be on the outside but if felt stuck and alone on the inside; disconnected from the world. Lacey

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