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Getting Loved Ones the Help They Need

We know that you have likely been through emotional, financial and interpersonal hardship during this long period of trying to help your loved one. We have many recommendations for you moving forward as you help your loved one get in to treatment. Our most important feedback for you is to get help for yourself too. Enduring the pain and disappointment of having a loved one suffer from addiction and mental health issues changes you, your family and your outlook on the world.

Brighton Recovery Center now offers online family coaching and support from a licensed marriage and family therapist. When it comes to addiction and mental health, the family often suffers just as much as those who are fighting addiction, but most families don’t know where to turn for the professional help they desperately need. Whether your loved one is currently, has previously, or never has attended a recovery center, Brighton’s team of incredible staff can help.


We urge you to seek support from professionals, readings and support groups to embark on your own road of healing. You deserve it! Here are some recommendations of organizations to become involved with during your own quest for recovery:

Al-Anon- Family groups
for families struggling with loved ones in addiction

CODA- Co-dependents Anonymous

NAMI- National Alliance on Mental Illness

Reading Recommendations

It Takes a Family

Families and Addiction: How to Stop the Chaos
and Restore Family Balance,

Codependent No More

Weekly Private Family Coaching Sessions

Weekly meetings via secure video conferencing facilitated by a Brighton Recovery coach and any of your family and/or identified family members. Anonymity is also available.

Weekly Family Group Coaching Sessions

Families with similar struggles come together online to discuss with and support each other. These sessions are facilitated by a Brighton Recovery coach and provide a safe place to talk about problems while exploring solutions.


We Will Be There Every Step of the Way

The process is simple. You contact us via phone at 1.844.479.7035 or email at We listen to your story and gather the information we need to help you begin the recovery process. We take your insurance information and have our experts look in to what your benefits cover and promptly get back to you with a determination of how you should go about coming to us. We will usually recommend an episode in a safe detoxification environment to ensure that you are well cared for before coming to the center. Don’t worry; you won’t be alone. We will be there every step of the way to make sure you have what you need and that you understand what is going on. We will then facilitate your transportation from detox to our center.

Brighton Recovery Center

What is an Interventionist?

The primary objective of an Interventionist is to assist family and friends in confronting a loved one about their self-destructive behavior. The Interventionist identifies the key influential people in the addict’s life who can be part of a recovery team. Through the experience and knowledge of the Interventionist, members of this team are educated, trained, and guided on how to approach the addict in a non-threatening and productive manner. The Interventionist uses his network of medical professionals and support resources to find the best possible treatment and aftercare options matching each individual’s needs.

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Includes support with the following: Relationships, codependency, boundaries, communication, enabling, enmeshment, and much more.

Our family coaching is recommended as a 3-6 month program.