Brighton Recovery Outpatient Center
Ogden, Utah

Brighton Recovery Outpatient Center - Ogden, Utah

Brighton Recovery offers a comprehensive range of treatment options, including Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) to support individuals on their journey to lasting recovery and improved well-being.

Brighton Recovery’s commitment to holistic healing extends beyond standard recovery programs. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides intensive, structured support for individuals who require a higher level of care but still wish to maintain some flexibility in their daily lives. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers a balanced approach, allowing individuals to attend therapy and counselling sessions while continuing with their daily responsibilities.

With a team of dedicated professionals and evidence-based treatment approaches, Brighton Recovery is dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome addiction and improve their mental health. Whether you’re seeking comprehensive PHP or IOP services, we are here to guide you toward a brighter, healthier future.

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