Heroin Addiction Recovery in Sandy, Utah

Classified as an opioid, heroin is known to be highly addictive. Cheap and easy to get, it produces a powerful and lasting high similar to painkillers. Those with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are especially vulnerable to heroin addiction, because using the drug temporarily relieves them of their symptoms, altering perceptions of pain and pleasure. Heroin addicts may want to stop using, but they can’t. That’s what we’re here for. The professional team at our drug recovery program in Sandy has the tools to help you break your heroin addiction.

How Does Using Heroin Affect Physical & Mental Health?

In the short term, heroin gives users a rush of warm, happy feelings that can last several hours. However, users report a “crash” after the drug wears off, leaving them feeling sad and anxious and desperate to regain those good feelings.

Additionally, heroin overdose is common because users develop dependence and need more of the drug to achieve the high they are seeking. Users who quit and have been clean for a period of time and use again sometimes don’t understand that their body is no longer used to the dosage they previously had become accustomed to, and the result is an overdose.

In the long term, regular heroin use can damage the heart and lungs, and lead to infections in the heart as well as liver and kidney disease. Because heroin is administered by needles, there is the added risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Are You Addicted to Heroin?

If your use of heroin has increased over time despite your attempts to cut back, this is a sign you are losing control over your drug use. Another dependable sign of addiction to any substance or behavior is your decreasing ability to meet your obligations at work, school or to your family and friends. If your loved ones are frequently angry at you because of your heroin use, this indicates a problem.

Call our addiction recovery center in Sandy and talk to us about your concerns. We can help you evaluate your level of dependence on heroin.

Drug Treatment Center in Sandy

At our drug rehab center, we treat many patients who are addicted to the same substances — heroin, cocaine, alcohol, etc. While they have some things in common, they are individuals, and what led them down the path of addiction and has kept them trapped there is different for everyone. That is why our addiction treatment team develops an individual plan for each patient who enters our facility.

We delve into how you got to the point in which you needed drug rehab and what we can do to change those circumstances. Medication, counseling and lifestyle changes can help dramatically.

Today, more is known about substance abuse disorder. We don’t use shaming or tough love to help our patients. Instead, through compassionate support, we imbue them with the confidence and reassurance they need to gain strength and the determination they need to get better. Call our drug recovery program in Sandy today.

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