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Many people start out using cocaine recreationally, believing they can handle it. And while some can, sadly, others can’t. The feelings of strength, confidence, energy and invincibility are too intoxicating for some users. Cocaine ends up depleting them of money, relationships and self-respect. If this sounds like what has happened to you, the team of drug rehab professionals at Brighton Recovery Center can help.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine is a stimulant and has a profound effect on the heart. Not only can it damage the heart over time, it can induce heart attack, stroke or seizure from a single use. Long-term, heavy use of cocaine often leaves users feeling paranoid and delusional. Because cocaine gives users energy, they sleep less than they should, which affects their weight, overall health and their mental state, causing confusion and inability to focus or regulate emotions.

Cocaine tolerance develops quickly, and users attempt to compensate by increasing doses. Not only is this more dangerous to their health, but it is also frustrating that they cannot recapture the high they remember, and this can make them angry and irrational.

Are You Addicted to Cocaine?

A cocaine addiction can develop quickly, or it can take many years. If you find yourself using more cocaine — even when you are trying to use less — this is a sign that you are losing control. Because cocaine is so expensive and the high lasts only minutes, one of the first signs of a cocaine problem is inability to pay bills. All the money goes to cocaine, and there is none left for the mortgage, car payment and other expenses.

If you find your friends and family are frequently angry at you for upsetting or disappointing them because of your cocaine use, if you have lost your job or stopped doing your schoolwork, these are all indications of a cocaine addiction.

Drug Rehab Center in Sandy

Cocaine addiction is not new — the drug has been commonly used for more than 100 years. But how we treat patients is changing. At Brighton Recovery Center, we don’t use shame or tough love. People addicted to cocaine have had plenty of that and it hasn’t helped.

Instead, we use all the tools of our highly trained addiction staff, along with compassion, support and education. After detox, we begin patients on a program of regular outdoor exercise, good nutrition and mindfulness practices. These help bring order to their chaotic lives, and daily practice demonstrates how rewarding life can be when you get clean.

We combine this with regular therapy sessions with trained therapists and addiction counselors during the week and encouragement to work through their issues further on their own, gaining inspiration, motivation and strength from each incremental achievement.

We know it’s hard to take the first step. If you’re reading this, you’re closer than ever. Call our drug treatment center in Sandy today and start the recovery process.

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