The 5 Biggest Fears About Getting Sober

The 5 Biggest Fears About Getting Sober

Making the choice to get sober is a scary process for most people. Living a clean lifestyle involves many different hurdles. One of the biggest things to overcome is the fear of how you will adapt to your new life in addiction recovery. Here are the five biggest fears recovering addicts face.

1. A New, Miserable Boring Lifestyle

To addicts, a life free from drug addiction and alcoholism has the potential to be miserable and boring. The prospect of never going out again and partying can seem dismal to some. Many people in addiction recovery need to learn how to have fun again and be social without alcohol.

2. The Loss of Self

Next, addicts may be worried about their potential loss of identity once they stop using drugs or alcohol. For many users, they worry about their ability to function without drinking or using drugs. They may not even remember what kind of personality they have without their drug addiction.

3. The Idea of Standing Out

Another fear that is possible is worrying that you’ll stand out. If you commit to a life without drinking or drugs, some in recovery worry about being the one person in the group who doesn’t drink.

4. The Possibility of Failure

Additionally, those who haven’t started the recovery process sometimes never get there due to the strong fear of failing. The key is to work to overcome your fear of failing, and realize that it’s okay to be afraid when overcoming alcoholism or substance abuse problems.

5. The Feeling of Constant Pain

Lastly, getting sober can be a scary thought if you don’t want to feel the pain of your problems. Without the numbing effects of drugs or alcohol, many addicts worry about the potential for living a life in constant emotional pain.

If your fears are preventing you from taking the next steps in your addiction recovery, or if you are close to someone who is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, contact Brighton Recovery Center. Learn the ways that you can get help for yourself or a loved one today.

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