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Witnessing The Transformation in Addiction Treatment Alumni

One of Clay’s most significant motivations for working in the recovery industry is to witness the transformation clients go through while at Brighton Recovery Center. Many of the clients reminded Clay of himself when he struggled with substance abuse. Knowing he was able to find recovery gives him hope for every individual he works with.

The power of Participation

When a client discharges from Brighton’s residential treatment, they are enrolled in our free alumni program. This may require some clients to step out of their comfort zone, but a continued connection to the Brighton community is essential for long-term recovery.

What is the Importance of the Alumni Program?

What are the benefits of this program? Brighton is invested in our alumni’s continued success long after they graduate, and the best way to achieve that is by staying involved with our recovery community. Participating in Brighton’s weekly, monthly, and yearly events teaches alumni accountability and helps them learn to have fun without substances.

What is the alumni program?

Clay Cross, Director of Alumni, explains what the program is and how fundamental it is to our graduates’ continued recovery. Facing the world after rehab can be overwhelming, but it helps to have a tribe of people who have been where you have been. Brighton’s alumni experience that and more for as long they see fit.

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