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Codependency, Addicted to Love – Ep. #23

When it comes to addiction, families can be traumatically impacted. The relationship between family members and their addicted loved one often leads to behaviors of codependency. Janie and Sally are both mothers of adult addicts. In this episode, they speak with Kamrin Carver about their codependency struggles and how they have found healing through Brighton’s free family treatment program.

Quotes from this episode:

“Our behaviors were not necessarily caused by our loved ones addiction, but by our own reactions.” – Janie

“In every cloud there’s a rainbow, and what I’ve learned about myself has been [that rainbow.] It’s so important for me to learn to carry on and continue to get healthy.” – Sally

“If I’m not working continuously, then the addiction gets the upper hand.” – Sally

“I wasn’t letting my loved one figure it out on his own and deal with the consequence.” – Sally

“Through these meetings, I’ve found ways to cope and not be so codependent. Now I know what I need to do to stay centered.” – Sally

“If you just changed codependency with substance abuse, you couldn’t tell the difference between the two recovery approaches.” – Kamrin

“What are boundaries? How do we use them in a way that does not cause more problems?” – Kamrin

“I didn’t understand the boundaries were for myself and my own protection.” – Janie

“Until you set boundaries for yourself, you’ll be easy for your addicted loved one to walk all over.” – Janie

“We don’t build a fence around the sheep to punish the wolf or teach it how to stop eating sheep. It’s the same with boundaries and our addicted loved ones.” – Kamrin

“One healthy boundary with a consequence you can follow up on, is worth more than one hundred that you can’t.” – Sally

“That’s the moment it becomes about you and your loved one against the disease, instead of you against your loved one.” – Kamrin

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