The Comment Box – April 2017

Examining the contents of the comment box is one of our favorite experiences each month, but why do we share them online? For anyone who has not been to Brighton, reading the patient’s comments gives the reader an insider view of what day to day life is like at our Utah rehab center. To maintain the integrity of each quote, only minimal editing has been done, so please keep in mind that standard English may or may not apply. No comments have been omitted, but names have.

“Always super upbeat and happy, great skills as a chef as well! She took the time to save me a plate when I missed dinner. Much appreciated!!”
“I got more out of one session with her than I had out of months with my current therapist, she helps me see my problems in different ways”
“Without him I would not have made it here, he helped me to get to my willingness, I can’t thank him enough for all the patience and time he spent to get me here”
“She is very friendly and helpful.”
“She always seems to be in a great mood and asks how I’m doing. She is a very nice lady.”
“Always so pleasant when getting my meds so nice.”
“For being the best med guy ever!”
“Come on what can I say he does good work and parks his car.”
“Great job being the middleman in a boundary situation. You rock plopping back and enforcing boundaries and initiation process. Buddy, good job!”
“She is so awesome and always always doing her job.”
“She is always willing to go the extra mile she is a badass what can I say?”

“Kept the atmosphere upbeat and happy like.”

“She made me feel very welcome, she makes the peers laugh and has fabulous dance moves.”
“love love love love love love love love love times infinity.”

“Took the time on her day off to speak with the patients.”

inside utah rehab center

“Has made so many changes in the med-room. Last time I was here compared to this time as day and night.”
“Does the med room amazing seems so busy but takes time for us to. She is mad at air hockey and just amazing.”
“Love her fashion but serious best thing to happen to Brighton’s medical team since I’ve been here, which is a while.”
“Listens and only gave feedback when I asked for it.”
“Her lips are always bright with a smile and is caring and listens.”

“He has done an amazing job and I feel lucky to have him here. He’s always willing to do whatever is needed. Keep up the good work!”
“Always helps if I have questions, very helpful.”
“His groups are different than the norm and feels like a relief to do something different sometimes!!”
“I found out my grandma passed away and she was awesome. She just came outside on the porch with me and talked with me about the good times and what I remembered about her and she didn’t baby me or comfort me in a way that was unreasonable. She helped me think of the positive aspects. She is amazing and she needs huge kudos. Love you!”
“She hung back with me when we went on a rec hike and we shared. I asked how long she has been sober and she said 9 1/2 years I said well I can’t wait till I can say that. She said just enjoy where you are now and every step that is just what I needed to hear thanks. I love you.”
“She is the best, if she writes me a BRC performance”
“They took us to the AA meeting tonight always enjoy her.”
“For help with computer stuff.”

“She is always upbeat and caring for us. She is fun.”

“My first day on arrival I only had the clothes I was wearing and severe chapped lips. He informed me about the clothes downstairs and he got me some Carmax lip balm he also was so kind and caring is always willing to help out and positive”
“Does a great job helping with workouts in the gym”
“He is steadfast! He makes his staff feel important and is always willing to help! ”
“Cool guy, very personable and helpful. He went out of his way to accommodate my shopping request. Very professional yet approachable.”
“Always happy and willing to help with anything needed.”
“She has a great attitude. She always smiles and makes people feel important. Thank you for all you do.”
“Always greets me with a smile. She is the first face of Brighton. She always takes care of all that is asked of her gold stars all around!”
“He has come a long way from Graves! He has really impacted swingshift! He truly cares about the patients and the staff that work with him! Thanks for always being in a great mood.”
“He is awesome when you can have fun at work!! Tuesday swings are the best!!”
“He is amazing! He needs a pay raise.”
“Very helpful and insightful.”

utah rehab center comments
“He helps cheer me up when I was down.”
“He is always smiling and getting everyone to laugh. He truly cares about the patients and staff. Thanks!”
“He has the best dance moves! Just fabulous all the time, love him!”

“I strive to be like him!”

“He is caring to us. He is encouraging. Very positive.”
“She is always so nice when you get your meds. Always listens to you.”
“Shows concerns, very nice.”
“The sweetest thing ever! Amazingly organized always early.”
“Wonderful to be around very kind and polite always smiling and contributing to a healthy atmosphere.”
“Helping out on swings and always smiling. Thanks Yo!!”
“Just done a great job! She is good to work with and always on point holding patients accountable great job to you. Glad you’re on my team!!”

“She has such a positive attitude and puts everyone at ease. She ran our group tonight and I was really impressed with her leadership skills.”

“Always so caring and understanding. Knows her stuff!”
“Good listener. She is super understanding and great to talk to would love to be around her more.”
“Relating to clients and great with clients. She is great! I can always trust things are getting done when I’m working with her! Great job!!”
“She is always willing to do what she’s asked! She is compassionate and almost always has a smile on her face!”
“Great job! You’re doing an amazing job you make swings fun.”
“She is fun to work with she truly cares about her patients and is compassionate. Great job B. I’ll miss working with you!!”
“She’s always caring. She helped me do some emails to my work.”
“She is great to work with and will be missed! Thanks for always caring!”

“Love her groups! She is a sweetie and always willing to help thanks!”

At Brighton Recovery Center we understand that having the right team makes all the difference. The staff at our rehab center in Utah receive praises each month because they truly are the best in their field and care deeply for the individuals they treat. If you or a loved one is considering admitting to a rehab center in Utah, please give us a call or contact us online.

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