The Comment Box – February 2017

At Brighton Recovery Center, we have a monthly tradition. We get all the staff together to read the bundle of papers dropped in our comment box. The comment box provides just another way for patients to voice their thoughts. This is a favorite meeting of the staff so we thought we’d share the comments as a new monthly tradition on our blog.

Each of the following comments is in regards to an individual staff member. The names of both staff and patients have been left off for anonymity.

“She is always pleasant and patient. She is compassionate and caring. I appreciate everything she does.

He turns our frowns upside down.

“Helped with AA work. Fantastic man.”

“He always going above and beyond. He really cares about us! For President!”

“Really cares. Has talked to me one on one several times to get me through the day. She is very sincere!!”

She is the bomb-diggity.

“He always has a great attitude and is willing to help any way he can! Thanks.”

“The genuine care he has for the clients, and the amount of joy he has while working is exceptional.”

“A kind man with a kind heart.”

“Always helpful. Great at her job.”

genuine soul rehab center in utah

“So inspirational and positive and overwhelmingly supportive of each and everyone of us! Love him!!”

“She kicks ass in the med line and is always looking out.”

“Always has a smile and inspiration to get me through”

“I’m so grateful to have him here to support my physical exercise and push me in the gym. He always makes time to ask me how I’m doing and talk with me.”

“Positive, energetic, always follows the rules.”

“He is always lifting up spirits and spreading joy.”

He is like a warm puppy. You just want to hug him.


“She is a kind and genuine soul. We all adore her.”

“Always in a good mood and upbeat. Improves my mood.”

“Pursued my problem & clarified questions of mine. Followed through. Gave me a “pep” talk.”

“I appreciate everything he does to support me in my recovery efforts. HE ROCKS!”

At Brighton Recovery Center we understand that having the right team makes all the difference. The staff at our rehab center in Utah receive praises each month because they truly are the best in their field and care deeply for the individuals they treat. If you or a loved one is considering admitting to a rehab center in Utah, please give us a call or contact us online.

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