How to Confront Your Child Who Is Using Drugs

How to Confront Your Child Who Is Using Drugs

Although the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that illicit drug use among teens is at an all-time low for the history of that particular survey, the thought of your child on drugs can be alarming. What is the most appropriate way to confront your child when you suspect drug use? Addiction recovery can be affected by your reaction, so here are a few important tips.

Stay Calm

Remember that it’s not your fault, and what your teen needs right now is a response filled with love. You are not the only parent in the world to experience this. Stay calm and remember that drug addiction can be treated with the right approach. Avoid acting on emotion and casting judgment.

Talk About It

Try to get your teen to open up about his or her addiction or alcoholism. One method recommended by psychologists is to talk to your teen about his or her friends. It’s important that you don’t simply ignore the warning signs or the potentially dangerous behavior of your teen. Rather than blaming others or asking why this happened, it’s important to focus on what to do next, and that starts with talking.

Get Help When Necessary

Confronting your teen who is using drugs can be frightening, but you’re not alone. Brighton Recovery is here to help you and your loved ones with addiction recovery and more. Call us at 844-479-7035 for more information and help with confronting teen addiction.

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