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Important COVID-19 Information

With the reality of what COVID-19 brings to our community, it’s very important for people to know that there are still places and resources available to help navigate this difficult period in their lives. As you know, addiction and mental health acuity do not rest in times like these. In fact, they are likely to be even more severe. You and your family need to know that Brighton Recovery is going above and beyond recommended precautions from the CDC and the Utah Department of Health as we have implemented safety protocols and procedures to continue to provide a safe place for people to heal. Should you and your loved one require our assistance or consultation, we are here to help. Thank you for your continued trust in us. 

Brighton has implemented many new protocols to protect clients and family members. For example:

  • Restrictions on non-essential visitors and contractors and a switch to telehealth services where necessary and indicated. 
  • Work from home for all non-essential staff.
  • Preadmission screening protocols that include enhanced assessments to discover high risk people.
  • Continued daily screening including temperature checks on all staff and patients.
  • Formation of COVID-19 committee for immediate reporting and quick responses to related issues.
  • Infection control protocol tracking any and all potential risks to the environment. 
  • Drastically heightened disinfecting of common areas, workstations, doorknobs, kitchen, etc. 
  • Internal and external social distancing.
  • Revamped food service protocol and dining proximity protocol
  • The list goes on…


Again, we would like to assure our community that we are doing everything we can to keep our population and their families safe while continuing to provide the world-class treatment we are known for. Please contact us for more information. Please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for current info on the COVID-19 response. 

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