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Brady’s Journey from Patient to Employee

Brady Kuan is the Lead Life Technician at Brighton Recovery center in Sandy, Utah, but he actually started out as a patient. He was addicted to meth, heroin, and alcohol. When Brady first came to Brighton, he wasn’t planning on staying sober, often obsessing about the drugs he had stashed back at his house. Brady was sharing only what was required to fly under the radar, and generally not buying into the idea that he could recover. Multiple Brighton staff members noticed Brady was struggling and they each took time to pull him aside, talk to him one-on-one, and offer personal support and encouragement. Then one day, while sitting in a group session, Brady was once again obsessing about getting home to his stash, when it suddenly occurred to him that he had to be honest. He immediately got up, went to the Life Technician desk, and together they called his mother to tell her where the stash was. An overwhelming feeling of freedom washed over Brady as he learned that honesty was the key to recovery from active addiction. It was a pivotal moment in his recovery, but just one of many lessons Brady learned in at Brighton.

Brady has been sober since 2016 and is now using his story and experience in addiction recovery to help inspire patients at Brighton Recovery Center.

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