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Is Brighton Truly Different? – Zach Bunnell, LCSW

When Zach first became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, he had several job offers, but no intention of working in a residential treatment program. He had completed an internship at a rehab and it didn’t seem like a good fit for him. The Clinical Director at Brighton promised Zach that this program was different and asked him to come visit with the team. While still skeptical, he decided to check it out. Zach was impressed by how clinically-focused Brighton is, as well as their commitment to individual treatment programs, which he saw firsthand while sitting in on some patient meetings. Zach believes it’s incredibly important to provide treatment that is personalized to meet a patient’s specific needs, and so does Brighton. Because of this alignment in values, Zach decided to join the Brighton Recovery team. Listen to Zach tell his story in this video.

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