What to Look for When Selecting an Addiction Treatment Center

The process of selecting addiction treatments centers, whether for yourself or loved ones, is often bewildering. Ask a few questions to narrow down facilities and to get on the best path to addiction recovery.
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  1. What Is Your Definition of Success?


What do you want to see happen after you or your loved one leaves the facility? If the answer is to never use a drug again, then you should look at the drug treatment center’s rates for patients who stay off drugs and avoid choosing facilities that substitute a legal and less harmful drug for the one being abused. On the other hand, if you define success as faithfully attending support meetings after release, then another metric may matter more to you. In any case, always ask the addiction recovery centers you are looking at how they define and measure success.


  1. How Is the Facility Licensed or Accredited?


It is important to know that the facilities you are considering follow certain standards in their treatment programs. Brighton Recovery Center is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and is licensed by the state of Utah. 

  1. Are Provisions Made for Gender?


Many men and women approach addiction recovery differently than the opposite gender; this has been well-documented. To this end, Brighton Recovery Center provides a balanced mix of gender-specific and mixed gender modalities. For example, progress groups are gender-specific on certain days, which is an excellent opportunity for patients to discuss gender-specific issues.


  1. What Program Types Are Available?


Finding the right program match for lifestyle and needs is critical. Some people might prefer a full-time, intensive program, while others would benefit more from an outpatient approach. Brighton Recovery Center has both residential treatments and outpatient programs.  In fact, while a typical residential program lasts 45 days, many of our patients choose to stay from 45 days to 90 days.


  1. Does the Program Equip People to Deal with Post-Treatment Life?


When you are in residential treatment, you are away from drugs and many stressful triggers that drive you to use. That makes it all the more important for any addiction treatments center you enlist with to have a framework for teaching people how to deal with life, stresses and potential triggers. Brighton Recovery Center’s treatment methods are based on sound research and focus on identifying stressors and psychiatric problems. A practical approach to dealing with life includes exploring alternative interventions such as yoga and meditation.
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