How to Maintain a Sober Lifestyle

How to Maintain a Sober Lifestyle

Saying you’re going to maintain your sobriety after leaving rehab for addiction treatment is one thing, but actually turning those words into deeds is something else entirely. As you prepare for your new life, it’s essential that you take a few nuggets of wisdom with you in order that you can improve your chances of becoming a sobriety success story.

Stay Rooted in the Present

It can be tempting to think about the next several weeks, months and even years of life after rehab, but it’s better that you focus on the present and making it one day at a time. The reason for this is that you may start to think of the many temptations and obstacles that lie ahead instead of the small victories and accomplishment you make on a day-to-day basis.

Develop Ways to Deal With Cravings

Rather than wait for cravings to strike and unravel your progress with alcohol addiction, it’s better that you prepare for those cravings now. Try different hobbies to see which you like and help occupy your mind the most. Develop an exercise routine to strengthen your mind and body. Create a network of dependable people who will be there for you when you need them most and will help you maintain your sobriety.

Stay Away From Triggers

Think back to what caused you to drink in your old life. While you may not want to revisit that part of yourself, doing so may be essential to figuring out what and who made you want to drink in the first place. Another reason for this reflection is so you can stay away from those triggers and individuals. To develop new habits, you’ve got to break free from the old ones.

Your treatment for alcoholism doesn’t stop just because you’ve left rehab. Realize that you have more power than you realize over yourself and your addiction, and do everything you can to maintain your sober lifestyle with help from professionals.

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