Personal Progress: Mountain Climbing

There are many people who are drawn to the hobby of climbing mountains. It is understandable because of the natural sublime spiritual high that comes with standing on top of a mountain. There is real fulfillment in accomplishing a difficult climb.
personal progress - mountain climbing

There is also a dramatic increase in our physical ability to perceive the world around us in such a place. The journey to the top is not usually something that just happens, and the top of a high imposing mountain is not typically a place that is accidentally stumbled upon by someone who is lost. For those who struggle with addiction recovery is such a place.

Living in addiction we may have experienced waking up in many strange places, but on top of a mountain is likely not on the short list of places we have woken up. How does the climb to recovery begin? It is most likely different for most people but it is a conscious choice, one that must be made to begin. “A man forced against his will, remains the same still.” It takes resources, planning, and preparation to get to the top and the same can be said for recovery from addiction. We need sponsors, support teams, clinicians, and a rout we believe we can use to get to the top.

Brighton Recovery Center is an amazing resource that will adequately prepare and support the recovery journey all the way to the top. It is a climb, it is hard, it takes commitment and persistence through difficult terrain. The higher we climb the more perspective is gained and a true sense of fulfillment comes that replaces the urge to use. Eventually the top of this mountain will be reached along with the rewards of the journey.

Don’t take my word for it, take the time, take the effort, and plot the course to begin the recovery climb, and you can know the euphoria that comes from the top. The best part is that another truth is reviled in this process. There are more mountains than can be climbed in a lifetime.

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