Put Sobriety First

put sobriety first

You have done the difficult task of becoming sober, but do you know how to stay that way? Having a plan is one thing, but sticking to it can be one of the biggest challenges you have had since you entered addiction treatment. Making sobriety a priority in your life is not easy, but nothing that really matters is. If you need help staying sober after your time in Brighton Recovery addiction treatment center, these tips may inspire you on your journey through addiction recovery.

All About You

So many addiction treatment plans emphasize the selfishness that accompanies drug and alcohol use. Now that you are sober, you should make your sobriety your biggest priority. The bottom line is self-care is not the same as selfishness. Every person must follow a personal path to wellbeing. Work, relationships, families, hobbies…none of these is possible without self-care.

On the Journey

Addiction recovery is a process, not a destination. You do not arrive at a place of sobriety and stay there because life always changes. When you were in an addiction treatment center, your time and routine were dictated by the facility. Now that you have achieved sobriety, you must decide how to create your own routine.  Some activities that can be helpful include:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Massage
  • Alone time
  • Attending meetings
  • Treating yourself

Ultimately, how you find your path is up to you. Learn what make you feel complete and what helps you relax or reenergize, and then incorporate those things into your sober lifestyle.

Learn to Say No

You learned how to say no during addiction treatment. Now you need to practice it in everyday situations. No is a valid answer to any question that does not serve your purpose or support your sobriety. Get comfortable with no for your own sake.

When you decide to make you and your sobriety the most important thing, you are taking a positive step in your addiction recovery. You can turn to the addiction treatment center at Brighton Recovery for more help for you or your loved one to maintain sobriety.

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