Recovery From Addiction Is a Lifelong Process

Addiction isn’t something that happens overnight. Often, it’s an accumulation of many different problems that don’t just go away once you’ve been through addition recovery. Once you get back to your real world after a residential treatment, you will need to remember that sobriety isn’t a milestone, but a day-to-day process. At times, it might be quite easy to remain drug or alcohol-free. Other times, it might be difficult, but you can do it. There are resources which can help.

lifelong recovery

lifelong recovery

Living Healthy in Recovery

Once you’re sober, whether it’s from illicit drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol, you have to relearn how to take care of yourself. You’ll learn many healthy methods of avoiding the substance when you’re in treatment, but there’s more to recovery than simply avoiding drugs or alcohol. Here are some healthy habits that you can implement to stay on track in your lifelong recovery.

  1. Set goals for yourself. Make them specific. For example, a broad goal would be – “I want to learn to cook.” A more specific goal would be – “I want to learn to make sushi.” Have many goals that you want to work toward. Take up a hobby. Learn to play a sport. Have a better relationship with a member in your family.
  2. Eat healthy. Eat when hungry. Be mindful when eating. Many people feed their emotions by eating when they feel depressed or lonely. Change the practice to eat only when you’re hungry. Choose wisely. When you eat a balanced diet of whole grains, lean proteins, and a variety of fruits and vegetables, your body will feel better.
  3. Keep active. Physical activity, like exercise, is very good for you. Mental activity is important, too. Keeping your mind and body busy helps you manage stress. It can also help you prevent a relapse.
  4. Get enough sleep. Research shows that insufficient sleep can lead to a higher risk of poor health and performance in the office and at play. Disruptive sleep patterns have been linked to relapses in substance abuse recovery.
  5. Develop new interests. Do what lifts your spirits without ruining your life. Learn to play the guitar when you’re feeling low. Do something good for yourself.
  6. Expect down times. Have a plan to deal with those times when you feel low. You’re going to have sunny and stormy days. You can get through the rain without getting wet when you have an umbrella. Don’t try to weather your low points alone.

Get Treatment Now

Brighton Center for Recovery offers addiction treatment for recovery from substance abuse. To learn more, please contact a treatment center to get help and get your life back.

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