Signs of Drug Addiction

Signs of Addiction

The first step in seeking recovery from drug addiction is recognizing and admitting you have a drug addiction. If you are unsure that you or a loved one is addicted to drugs, including prescription drugs, these are signs you can look for.

Control Problems

  • You can’t stop using drugs even if you want to stop.
  • You can’t control how much or how long you use, going beyond what you planned.
  • Your mind is overflowing with thoughts about drugs, such as when you can next use them.
  • You have to increase your intake in order to get the same high as before.

Social Problems

  • You lie about and hide your drug use.
  • You ask for or steal money to spend on drugs.
  • You don’t get along with people you used to get along with.
  • You spend time with new friends who use drugs with you.

Health Problems

  • You feel depressed, shaky, confused, or sick once the high wears off.
  • You can’t complete normal tasks, such as working or caring for yourself.
  • Your sleeping and eating patterns change.
  • Your weight and appearance change in unhealthy ways.

Usage Signs (Prescription Drug Addiction)

  • You don’t follow your prescription, taking the drug more often, in larger doses, or for a longer period of time than you’re supposed to.
  • You go to multiple doctors to obtain more prescriptions for the drug, and you lie about the drugs you take.
  • You use other people’s prescriptions, with or without their consent.
  • You take the prescription with other drugs or alcohol.

Addiction Treatment

If you can identify with even a few of these signs, you may be a drug addict. But don’t despair; there is help and hope for you. You can start recovery at rehab and gain control over your addiction. Find out how Brighton Recovery Center can get you on the path to lifelong recovery, happiness, and health.

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