Signs of Alcoholism

Because drinking is a prominent social activity, and every person’s tolerance level is different, it can be hard to determine if you or a loved one has an alcohol addiction. The following signs of alcoholism can help you to know if you or your loved one needs addiction treatment.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Signs of Dependency

The following signs could reveal that you are dependent upon alcohol.

  • You spend a lot of your time drinking, even giving up things you like to do in order to have more
  • time for drinking. It may be the first thing you do in the morning.
  • You can’t control the amount you drink.
  • You’re unable to quit even though you want to and you’re faced with serious consequences. You
  • continually relapse when you try to quit.
  • You experience withdrawal when you’re done drinking.


Signs of Abuse

These signs show that you abuse alcohol.

  • You break the law, hurt someone, or engage in risky activities while drunk.
  • Your drinking affects your ability to work, attend school, and have relationships.
  • You develop or worsen existing health problems.
  • You have blackouts after drinking.


Emotional Signs

Some signs express how alcohol addiction has affected your emotional well-being.

  • You feel guilty after you drink.
  • You drink alone.
  • You lie about and hide your drinking.
  • You worry about not having enough alcohol.


Physical Signs

There are also physical signs that accompany alcoholism.

  • You lose weight, your appetite, and your sexual drive.
  • You have redness on your nose, cheeks, and hands.
  • Your stomach is often upset, and your hands and feet are tingly.
  • You develop liver problems, skin infections, and spidery blood vessels.


The Next Step

If you’ve determined you are an addict, don’t despair. Admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery. The next is to get customized, professional treatment for alcoholism. Learn how Brighton Recovery Center can offer you the addiction treatment you need to get your life back and achieve serenity.

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