Support a Loved One with Addiction and Recovery Support

When your loved one is addicted to drugs, it is a confusing and difficult time for everyone involved. Here are a few things you can do to get your loved one on the road to addiction recovery.

Addiction Recovery Support

What to Look For

Basically, you are looking for drug taking that interferes with your loved one’s life, for example, his or her finances, job, health and/or social interaction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a list of useful questions to ask yourself. They include  whether your loved one wants to reduce the amount of the drug he or she takes but cannot, and whether withdrawal symptoms can be relieved by consuming more of the drug. It is important to note that people can get addicted to many legal drugs such as Adderall, Valium, and Oxycodone.


How to Approach the Problem

To get your loved one on the path to drug addiction recovery, enlist the help of people your loved one trusts. Draw up a list of ways in which the drug taking is hurting your loved one, but the list does not need to be meticulous. At this point, it is normal for you to question yourself about if there really is a problem before you change your loved one’s life so significantly. In such a case, contact a drug abuse counselor, our experts at Brighton Recovery Center, or doctor to discuss your loved one’s situation.


What to Do Before/During/After Treatment

The next step is to get your loved one in treatment. Avoid judging your loved one’s behavior; emphasize that you only want him or her to get help. It is sometimes helpful to make the situation about yourself, for example, saying you would sleep much better at night if you knew your loved one was getting treatment.


While your loved one is in treatment, respect and follow the rules of the treatment facility. They are there for a reason. Get help for yourself as well; addiction affects everyone. Shortly before your loved one is released, ask him or her and the treating doctors what you can do to support recovery efforts after release.


How Brighton Recovery Center Can Help

Brighton Recovery Center is a drug treatment center in Utah that offers customized recovery programs. Learning and recovery is hands-on, and programs are residential and outpatient. It’s a great place for addiction recovery.  Speak with an expert today to see Brighton Recovery Center can help you or your loved one to the road to recovery.

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