How Do Teens Get Drugs?


How Do Teens Get Drugs

Though lower than it has been in years, teen drug abuse remains a serious problem. One of the first questions on parents’ minds, when they discover their teen is suffering from addiction, is: Where did they get the drugs to begin with? In order to facilitate a more successful addiction treatment, it helps to first identify the most common places teens try to get drugs. The answers might surprise you.

  • Home: One addiction that has remained steady is prescription drug abuse. A family member might have a prescription for pain relievers, and teens might take the drugs right from their parents’ medicine cabinets.
  • Friends: Friends have a profound influence on teens. Your son or daughter might feel pressured to participate in the same activities as his or her peers. It’s possible that some of these friends are supplying your teen with the drugs.
  • Fake IDs: Ingenuity is a great quality in teens, but sometimes they put that to use in creating fake IDs to make them seem older than they are. If you find a fake ID of your son or daughter, it might be time for a talk.
  • Internet: It’s possible to buy drugs online or through the Dark Web from sources outside the U.S. This is dangerous for many reasons, so check on online purchases and where the money is going.

Staying Involved and Seek Addiction Treatment

Stay aware of your teen’s doings and seek addiction recovery assistance when needed. Brighton Recovery is here to help you every step of the way. Give us a call at 844-479-7035.

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