Tips on Confronting a Loved One About Their Substance Abuse

Confronting a Loved One About Their Substance Abuse

Individuals use drugs and alcohol to cope and some become addicted for many reasons. Some use substances to help them avoid painful things in their past or things that are currently happening, others start out to just have fun and find themselves in a scary place. Regardless of why the addiction started, approaching it with a loved one can be very tricky for someone who cares. Confronting a loved one with concerns about their substance abuse requires some prep and practice.

Control Your Frame of Mind

The first step in approaching a loved one is to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Many family members feel anger and frustration, but these emotions are unlikely to be productive during the confrontation. Gather your thoughts in a coherent way to allow you to express yourself. Make a list of thoughts you want to cover in case there is a tense moment during the discussion.

Approach to Help

There are many emotions that come into play when a loved one has an addiction, but the most productive one you can offer during an intervention is one of help and support. You can expect the addict to respond in a hostile manner. Adding your own hostile emotions to the situation can ruin whatever progress you have made.

Bring the Whole Family

Once you’ve discussed the abuse with your loved one and a treatment plan has been decided on, it’s time to bring the entire family in for treatment. When a loved one is addicted to a substance, family members and friends suffer and can benefit from support groups designed around families. Family members must participate in therapy in order to encourage the addict and let them know they are supported during the addiction recovery process.

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