Treatment Instead of Incarceration

Treatment In the Place of Incarceration

It is often true that the only way out of an addiction is through jail, recovery or death. With millions of Americans facing substance abuse addictions without adequate treatment available to them, some end up in jail or overdosing before help is ready.  Utah has one of the highest rates for prescription drug overdose, making the drug epidemic more deadly than firearms or vehicle crashes. While there are times that jail can’t be avoided, we believe that treatment is a more productive way to improve society and save individuals from substance abuse.

Breaking the Cycle

Oftentimes, a drug addict has never committed a crime other than using illegal drugs. Many sent to prison or jail are taught about dangerous habits and crimes that turn them into hardened criminals. Once addicts are back on the street after incarceration, they turn right back to their drug of choice because they didn’t receive the adequate treatment to deal with their triggers when they arise. This leads to illegal behavior and possibly another jail sentence and a constant cycle of abuse.

The Bottom Line

Many believe that treatment is more expensive than incarceration, but studies show that it is significantly less expensive to treat an addict than it is to incarcerate one. States pay up to 39 billion dollars each year to incarcerate an individual, and no treatment is received to stop the problem. It is believed that treatment rather than incarceration can save a state thousands of dollars in tax payer money each year, and be more likely to stop the cycle of addiction.

Safer Communities

When the jails are full of non-violent drug offenders, it’s tough to find room for the violent offenders. Offering treatment to those who need help frees up beds to put more violent criminals behind bars, making the community safer. Drug offenders need treatment and help rather than a few months behind bars.

Choose a Residential Treatment Center

At Brighton Recovery Center, we are passionate about addiction recovery. We want to help every addict live a life free from substances that are harmful. To learn more about how addiction treatment is more productive than incarceration, call our facility today at 844-479-7035.

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