Utah and Its Opiate Addiction Problem

Utah and Its Opiate Addiction Problem

In the state of Utah, 23 people die each week from an overdose of a prescription opiate. As governments work to crack down on prescription drug abuse, many would assume that the problem would get better. The problem is that many are turning to heroin, which is easier to get and cheaper for many addicts. Therefore, despite the best efforts by law enforcement, addicts are still using opioids to get high.

Why Are Utahns Drawn to Prescription Drugs?

Of all the states in the country, Utah comes in eighth for prescription drug overdose deaths, and close to 75 percent of those are connected to some type of prescription opiate abuse. Even more confusing is the fact that Utahns are among the healthiest people throughout the country. Why do Utahns turn to prescription drugs even as they avoid things that they believemake them unhealthy?

Experts believe that the Utah drug addiction is directly related to the comfort many get from prescription drugs that are actually prescribed by a medical professional. Many assume that these drugs are safe before they are prepared for the hold powerful medications can take on the mind and the body. Most of the opiate addicts in Utah originally got their taste or opioids from some type of legally prescribed painkiller after an injury or surgery.

The slippery slope to heroin use comes as lawmakers make it more difficult to get ahold of opioid painkillers. Addicts often cycle through several painkillers before eventually turning to heroin when they may never have tried it in the first place without the prescription drugs. Heroin overdoses have killed hundreds of Utahns over the year and the number seems to be steadily rising.

Help for Addiction Recovery in Utah

Addicts often feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to treating opioid addiction, but at Brighton Recovery Center we believe we can help by offering access to quality drug rehab in Utah. Call us today to learn more at 844-479-7035.

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