What to Do After Rehab

What to do after addiction treatmentJust as transitioning into rehab was likely a challenge for you, the same is true of getting out of rehab. There’s still a lot of work to do for your addiction treatment, and knowing how to navigate your old life from your new perspective can be made easier if you have a firm idea of how to keep your recovery process going strong once you leave rehab.

Don’t Leave Without a Treatment Plan

While you’re packing up and making sure you have all of your belongings, be sure you ask for a detailed treatment plan from a discharge coordinator, if one is available. You may already be aware of how many people relapse after getting out of rehab, and one of the reasons for that is because they fail to receive a quality treatment plan. Successful and lasting recovery from drug addiction doesn’t happen on its own, and access to 12-step programs, recovery literature and local healthcare providers can make a huge difference in your lifestyle change.

Prepare for Those Inevitable Tough Days

You’ve come a long way since you first entered recovery, but make no mistake that there are still plenty of challenges to overcome on the road ahead. Be positive about your success and your future, but go ahead and find resources and individuals to talk to if you ever find yourself walking on shaky ground. Acting now ensures you receive help as soon as you need it, which is preferable to scrambling to find a port in the storm, no matter how undependable that port might be.

Take Care of Yourself

Start exercising, forming healthy friendships and scheduling your time for the better as soon as you’re out of rehab. Exercise strengthens the body as well as the mind, healthy friendships help you gain new perspectives on life and proper scheduling helps you develop a stable daily routine.

Setting yourself up for success after exiting rehab for prescription drug addiction helps fuel success in the new stage in your life. Make a commitment to do the work, and you’re much more likely to make great strides in your recovery.

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