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Brighton Community Center Now Open!

Brighton Community Center

Recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is an all-encompassing venture. Even beginning the extensive process of addiction recovery involves addressing many elements in someone’s life. As a result, no two stories in recovery are going to be the same. However, that doesn’t mean that recovery exists in isolation. Brighton Recovery Center promotes a philosophy of inclusion and community across its entirely new campus, turning the recovery process into a communal affair with a shared goal. This philosophy is given a physical form in their extensive, 6-building campus located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The campus includes services ranging from detox, outpatient treatment, and 52 beds for sober living.

Community Center – the Heart of Recovery

Brighton’s journey to opening its comprehensive community center has been filled with anticipation, and Brighton is excited to announce that it is now open and accepting residents. Among the six buildings is a recreation center that is now in the final stages of construction. It will include a gym, thrift store, coffee shop, computer lab, library, yoga studio, and a study hall. There is always something to keep everyone busy and involved. These services are all offered free of charge both to those currently in treatment, as well as Brighton alumni. Regardless of whether someone is beginning their recovery journey or celebrating their continued success outside of the facility, the welcome spirit of this community will be a safe place to gather in recovery. This recreation center also provides another critical opportunity for those in recovery – learning practical life and professional skills. Managerial positions from the thrift store to the coffee shop are available for current sober-living residents at Brighton. Here, they can learn marketable skills, essential when beginning their reintegration. These jobs will bolster their professional resume and teach skills like management, handling money, supply-chain management, leadership, and conflict resolution. For those interested, work opportunities at Brighton Community Center will restore confidence in their ability to reenter the workforce.

Continuum of Treatment

Brighton now offers a truly complete continuum of treatment under one clinical program. Patients can start in Detox, then move into residential treatment, partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), outpatient program (OP), and sober-living. This approach helps mitigate relapse as patients can stay in treatment with the same familiar clinical staff, they have come to trust, for a full year. Once in sober living, patients can bring the skills they learn in treatment back out into the world with them. Each of these programs also allows new takes on the recovery experience by utilizing different modalities of treatment that are unique to a campus setting.

Sober Living Pods

Brighton’s sober living facilities hold 52 beds, all divided into small, tightly-knit pods in order to continue pursuing the philosophy of community. These pods are divided into groups of just eight people, each equipped with their own living spaces to establish a recovery tribe without feeling overwhelmed. These pods can learn and grow together and develop core life and interpersonal skills along the way. Having an understanding community around each step of the way can help bring up each person through the toughest points in their recovery. Furthermore, this community creates a space to celebrate and acknowledge the successes and strides that each person makes.

A Meeting Hall for All

Many different recovery groups will utilize the space that Brighton can provide. With the meeting hall, these groups can reserve space to hold their own meetings to continue their healing alongside other community members. This space can be reserved for AA meetings or any other functions that a group may want to hold. These meetings are also always open sober-living residents, promoting the sense of community that is championed at Brighton.

The Importance of Social Detox

The social detox program will add extra motivation to those going through the most painful and challenging part of recovery – detox. Withdrawal symptoms can cause a great deal of discomfort and take a toll on someone’s emotional state. Seeing the success of other campus residents can be the key motivating factor that keeps someone going during this difficult time. At Brighton, success is always, quite literally, right outside the window. Even during uncomfortable times, being able to see progress in action is essential. Seeing people who were once in the same detox now outside, playing volleyball, or engaging in communal activities can prove that success is possible. This encouragement keeps each person motivated while reinforcing the cooperative spirit that surrounds each facet of Brighton Community Center.

Brighton Recovery Center is a place where each individual’s own skills and goals in recovery are championed in order to strengthen each member of the group as a whole. The highly varied, evidence-based therapeutic programs provide options for each person to explore their own strengths in recovery and find their own, tightly-knit community in recovery. If you or a loved one struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, as well as the various mental health disorders that can accompany addiction, Brighton has the tools to help you from starting detox to becoming an alumnus. With a supportive community and trained professionals available, each program can be personalized to your own goals, all while establishing an entire community with the shared goal of sobriety. For more information on the various programs and facilities available at Brighton or to talk to a professional about your unique situation, call Brighton Recovery Center today at (844) 479-7035.

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