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What is it like to live at Brighton


As a patient at Brighton Community Center, most people begin treatment at partial hospitalization. So PHP is five days a week and it’s four hours a day. And this allows people to gradually transition out of residential. Residential treatment is a very tight container and it’s often shocking for people to leave that close container of residential and transition back into their real life. PHP is an interim step where you have more intensive treatment on a daily basis Monday through Friday to help you kind of orient to that transition and get some things in place before transitioning after four weeks into intensive outpatient. At Brighton, we have a morning intensive outpatient and an evening intensive outpatient so it can work for people with all different types of schedules. And our IOP, intensive outpatient program, is Monday through Thursday for three hours a night.

All of our groups include PHP and IOP, include a psychoeducational group where you’re learning skills, you’re learning different techniques to manage recovery. You’re exploring things like cravings and triggers and how to manage those. And then a process group where clients are encouraged to go deeper and to really look at what set them up for relapse if they’ve already been through treatment before, or what could set them up for relapse and what are some of the things that they now need to work on as a sober person.

At Brighton, the other thing that we focus on is our sober living or community living component. And one of the wonderful things that I’ve seen happen here is clients developing that sober community and starting to feel like, yes, I can have fun sober. Yes, I can connect with people sober, and there’s plenty to do and I’m not going to be bored and lonely and all of the things that people fear when they get sober. We have activities going on here. So clients who live here have a wide variety of activities they can become involved in from sober softball to karaoke night. And we have many clients who actually start activities. We have a book club started by a client in sober living, things like that where if you’re interested in something, we will try to make it happen so that you can find a way to connect in recovery with both the things that you love and that keep you going, and also with other people in recovery who like those same things.

When you enter treatment, you’ll be in a comprehensive program that includes individual and group therapy and other activities. The focus of your treatment will depend on your needs. It could include:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Process groups
  • Family therapy
  • 12-step meetings
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Medical care, including prescription medication management and referrals to other medical providers if needed
  • Life skills training and education
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Active participation in a thriving alumni community

The length of time you spend in treatment depends on your needs and goals. Most people spend 30 to 60 days in residential treatment, but some may need more time.

After graduating from residential care, patients can step down to partial hospitalization or PHP treatment. PHP treatment is five days a week and four hours a day. It can be difficult for people to transition back into life after completing residential treatment, and PHP helps do that by continuing to follow up, hold patients accountable, and continue their care.

After about four weeks of PHP, clients can transition to Intensive Out-Patient (IOP). IOP is 3 hours long and held Monday through Thursday. We hold IOP sessions in the morning and evening so that patients can choose whatever works best for their schedule. This allows clients to get back to work, school, or any other responsibilities while still having the flexibility to attend treatment. Both PHP and IOP include psychoeducational and process groups.

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What is it like to live at Brighton Community Center?
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